Honest-1 Auto Care

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Founded in 2003 as a much-needed break from the traditional auto shop image, Honest-1 Auto Care has grown into the country's most trusted family of automotive maintenance and repair centers and the most powerful franchise in the industry.

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Honest-1 Auto Care

Building a Better Auto Care Franchise


What is Honest-1? // Auto care at its finest

Honest-1 Auto Care’s franchise operations system grants single-unit franchises for the retail sale of automotive repair. Each unit offers various automotive tune-ups, oil changes, tires, engine, and brake services to the general public. Our typical Auto Care Center is approximately 4000 square feet (usually with 6 service bays) and may be newly built, retro-fitted to an existing free-standing structure, or incorporated into the end-cap of a car-accessible shopping strip.

Honest-1 is the only national company to operate full-service, customer- centric, and ECO-friendly Auto Care® centers. Each Honest-1 Auto Care Center is designed to be family-friendly and cost-effective for consumers who are looking for an alternative to traditional dealership service. We are the Home of Honest Mechanics®, and we hold all of our associates to the highest level of integrity, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Honest-1 started doing business in 2003. We are celebrating a number of expansion projects that are in development nationwide, and we will have over 50 shops in operation by the end of 2014. The company also partners with 16 region developers who oversee the franchisees by region. Additionally, the executive team at the main office in Scottsdale has over 70 years of combined automotive and franchise experience.


Why Honest-1? // Points of difference

  • Dealership Alternative // Maintenance, brakes & suspension, tires & alignment, tune-up & drivability, engine repair, drive train & heavy line repairs.
  • Customer-Centric // We focus on providing an exceptional customer experience. All stores feature comfortable leather seating areas, Internet cafés, complimentary beverage stations, children’s play areas, and exceptionally clean work areas.
  • ECO-Friendly Auto Care® // The only 100% certified auto care company in the world.
  • Proprietary Product Line // Exclusive product line featuring ECO 360®, an organic friction modifier designed to lower engine emissions and improve fuel efficiency. 


Who Fits The Role? // Running the shop

  • Owner & Overseer // Marketing activities, personnel issues, general management, outside sales (fleets, corporate VIP programs) accounting, and PR.? 
  • Shop Manager // Day to day operational activities, scheduling, repair order write-ups, supervision of staff, completed car care, and delivery to customer. (The owner can initially serve in this position.)
  • Technicians & Support Staff // Knowledgeable, honest, customer-friendly.


Financial Obligations // Invest in your future

  • Franchise Fee // $35,000
  • Total Investment // $169,975 to $454,975
  • Financial Position // $500,000 net worth w/ $150,000 liquid


Training Programs // Second to none support

Honest-1 provides a complete training program for all of our franchisees and its employees called H-1 University. Our training programs are designed to give you the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to become a successful Honest-1 Auto Care Center Operator or Region Developer.

  • New Franchisee Training // three weeks of training including Manager School, Operator School, and Field Training
  • New Region Developer Training // four days of specialized training is added to the standard franchisee training above (four weeks total)
  • Mentorship Program
  • Targeted Customer Acquisition ? 
  • Creative Marketing Tactics



Earnings Claim // 2013 item 19

The following represents the actual sales achieved by all Honest-1 Centers that have been operating continuously for at least 24 months. These Honest-1 Centers were located in Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Georgia, Utah, Florida, New Jersey, Minnesota, Colorado and South Carolina. We are not representing that you can expect to achieve these sales or profits in your first year of operation, or at any time during the term of your franchise agreement. Your revenues may vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the location of your Center and how you operate your business.

The figures below represent the annual sales and the average monthly gross sales as of December 2013 for all franchised stores that have been operating continuously for at least 24 months under the same ownership: New Item 19 in 2014 FDD.

  • Average annual sales 2013 // $869,778.38 ? 
  • Average monthly sales for 2013 // $72,481.53 


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