Brief Summary

System4 is a facility services management organization. Successful Franchisees have experience in Customer Service, Management, Service Sales, and B2B Sales. Any experience in the Hospitality industry is a big plus. Individuals who have managed vendors in past careers find our franchise is unique and fills a great void in the market place. Average Revenue per location is over $2,000,000 (as disclosed in our FDD).

Fast Facts

  • Cash Required



Why own a unit or single location when you can own the entire city 

System4 provides facility services management to commercial facilities. We have a solution that allows business management to focus on their core business by partnering with us to manage the facility issues.

  • 87% of organizations outsource some type of facility services
  • 80 % of organizations are looking to integrate services from one supplier
  • Integrated services reduce the customers overall costs

One of the many compelling elements of the facility service industry is its recurring monthly service contracts. This provides consistency in revenue and facilitates building your business. Facility services is an industry that will not become obsolete due to technological improvements, it is not a passing fad, and cannot be foreign sourced.

Why System4 

System4 is an excellent fit for the experienced business professional looking for an environment that offers the freedom to manage and grow a profitable operation, and the support of a highly sophisticated business model that guides you every step of the way with hands-on training, proven systems, and dedicated, user-friendly technology developed specifically for our needs. Previous experience in the facility service industry is not a requirement. We seek motivated individuals who are interested not only in a recession-resistant investment opportunity, but also a long term business partnership.

  • Exclusive opportunity
  • Only one franchise per market
  • Truly a multi-million dollar opportunity
  • Average Franchisee is doing over $2,000,000 Annual Revenues
  • No Inventory
  • Means low working capital requirements
  • Low number of employees
  • Very scalable- no need to increase employees as the business grows
  • Quick start up
  • Be in business in less than 30 days
  • Low overhead
  • No Real-estate investment
  • Normal Business Hours
  • No nights or weekends
  • National Accounts provided to your region


  • Nationals accounts are funneled to your region as we close them
  • National footprint allows you to pursue larger customers


  • Being part of a larger organization provides you credibility and proven experience

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